Learning to be with Jesus together.


If you abide in me you will bear much fruit. - John 15:5


Our vision flows from the promise of John 15:5, that as we learn to be with him we will bear the fruit of growth spiritually and numerically. Joining Jesus in bringing light, love, healing and hope to Gig Harbor, the West Coast and the ends of the earth.



Simply Jesus

We want to maintain a simple structure that allows us to focus on doing a few things well, mainly focusing on learning to be with Jesus together through devotion to prayer, word, and fellowship.



The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is what opens the door for us to be with Jesus together, now and for all eternity!! Local Church will be centered on, motivated by, and rooted in the gospel. We will preach the gospel, listen to the gospel, speak the gospel, and strive to find our identity in the gospel.

Prayer & Word

We are committed to pursuing the presence of Jesus through a devotion

to prayer & the word.

We are learning to be with Jesus together, as a family. Sharing our life together. We
believe the root of the gospel will always blossom into the fruit of authentic

Loving God and loving others because he first loved us. We will strive to abide in the
love of Jesus and live out the greatest commandment to love God and love others.

We naturally share experiences we enjoy. As we learn to experience the joy of being
with Jesus, we will invite others to join us. Not forcing, bait and switching, or
condemning, but simply inviting others to taste and see that Jesus is good.

Learning to be with Jesus together.

Gig Harbor, WA

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